About Us


We are a team with diverse business and legal backgrounds who have acquired specialized skills equipped to provide strategic and thoughtful planning, and pride ourselves in the ability to communicate complex concepts in a simplified manner.
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our mission & Vision

Our Mission is to be the counsel that serves as a legal guide and focuses on people and relationships first in providing individualized care.

We envision reshaping legal service as a proactive and collaborative process in making and structuring life’s important matters as opposed to a reactive response when problems arise.

Our Core Values


Compassionate and Genuine Client focused Service




High Quality Work Product


Individualized Care


We started the firm with a goal in mind to not only offer a legal service that everyone needs but to teach people the importance of estate planning and thoughtful business organization. It is our hope to provide peace and relief to families and individuals in handling their affairs in a process that can seem cold or complicated through strategic communicative planning. To achieve this goal requires time and dedication. It also requires having a team in place who shares these strong familial values and beliefs and understands that the work we do at Credence Counsel is more than a job and our clients are more than just a legal case file.

We take great honor in being chosen and entrusted as your legal provider in helping you with such personal affairs of designing customized estate plans, business entity formation, and navigating trust administration and probate. We strive to treat all our clients like family and handle each matter with compassion and care.





“The only way to do great work is to love what you do” – Steve Jobs

I come from a family that is made up of several inspirational and hardworking business owners and dedicated agricultural professionals. These amazing role models have been key in paving the path for me to also become a business owner.

I grew up in San Joaquin County in a very tight-knit East Indian family, almost every weekend was spent with grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles as a child. This way of life has heavily influenced my pursuit in this career of estate planning and legacy wealth preservation. Family has always been and continues to be at the core of everything I do and is very much intertwined throughout the estate planning process. I feel great satisfaction in being able to help others, protect their loved ones, and preserve their hard earned legacy wealth even more so now that I have a family of my own.